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Two Blue Aces’ Senior Consultants have delivered countless motivational speeches around the globe using unique approaches to stimulate and energize a wide variety of audiences. 

We offer lessons on a useful framework for high-quality leadership characteristics encapsulated by the 5Cs - the basic levels are - Competence, Courage; Commitment; the advanced levels are Compassion (Caring) and Character.

leadership & motivation

near rocks, far rocks

“The highest priority was always to clear the rocks closest to his flight path. Only after you were assured of safe passage over the immediate ‘Near Rocks’ could the pilot then perform secondary tasks of flying formation, working the radar, avoiding threats and finding the target. These tasks, along with the assessment of navigating around the ‘Far Rocks’ were performed in a cadence, or in aviator terms, 'cross-check'."

— Maj. Gen. Rob "Mumbles" Polumbo

Rob ‘Mumbles’ Polumbo discusses a strategy he’s coined ‘Near Rocks, Far Rocks’ that explains how a good leader understands prioritizing but never lets the ultimate long-term goal out of sight. Find out how Maj. Gen. Rob Polumbo relates flying over the terrain at 1,000 feet per second to your industry…. 

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