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Erik Polumbo is a consultant for Two Blue Aces and is the owner and operator of Effective Project Management, Inc. (EPMi), a project management firm specializing in consultant-style management in arenas such as real estate development, land planning, business development, and marketing. He also co-owns and operates Mini Materials LLC, the world’s largest supplier of realistically-made miniature building supplies.


Erik assists Two Blue Aces in business development and marketing.  He works with the managing partner and founding partner on finding ways to grow, strengthen and embrace the consultant industry in order to provide the highest level of service to their clients.  EPMi also manages the Five Guys in General blog and managed, designed, and provides marketing efforts for the Two Blue Aces Leadership From 30,000 Feet book.


Erik is a Realtor in both Florida as a Broker and Virginia as a Salesperson. He has an MBA from Troy University as well as a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida. 



Erik Polumbo
Senior Consultant + Business Development + Marketer

Effective Project Management, Inc., owner + operator

Mini Materials, LLC, co-owner + operator

Five Guys in General blog by Two Blue Aces, manager + marketer

Leadership from 30,000 Feet book by Two Blue Aces, manager + marketer


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