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"Two Blue Aces consultants are extremely knowledgeable on not only United States Air Force policies, programs, operations and budgets; but are also well verse in Joint service and defense trends, plans and funding.  In addition, Two Blue Aces flawlessly balances industry objectives with Department of Defense needs, resulting in the services obtaining the best and most capable technologies to satisfy mission requirements and thusly, providing the highest level of security to this nation and its allies.  Finally, Two Blue Aces are true leaders for both industry and the Department of Defense—that is, they provide brilliant advice and develop exceptional plans while preserving decision space for both entities, enabling viable solutions that are affordable and profitable."

— Keith " Spike" Gentile

VP Business Development

This book contains both personal anecdotes and stories about the men and women who’ve led these generals and who’ve served alongside these generals. These profiles in leadership have been gleaned through their decades of service and leadership.

Although the five generals have retired from active duty, they are all still passionate about helping others lead well. That’s why they formed Two Blue Aces LLC, a leadership consulting company that advises businesses around the world. Together, they specialize in strategic reviews, business plan development, and leadership and mentor training.


Four Air Force General Officers, each with decades of global, high-level leadership experience, offer personal stories on how they developed their leadership styles and built high-performance teams. The authors offer unique insights from military careers that translate directly into today's complex business environment. These stories place you at one hundred feet, in the weeds, of their development experience, including techniques and processes that can help you and your team perform better and better each day.

In every way, Leadership at 100 Feet will challenge you to develop much better leaders in your organization today and in the future.

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