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Two Blue Aces' Senior Consultants have delivered countless motivational speeches around the globe using unique approaches to stimulate and energize a wide variety of audiences.


These senior Leaders are passionate about presentations and speak with a level of expertise mastered from over three decades of military and civilian experience coupled with a commitment to excellence in everything they do.  Their underlining principle of engagement is integrity.  They always emphasize the importance of integrity originating at the top and working its way to the newest employees across all facets of a business or organization. 

Two Blue Aces will tailor their experience and leadership to provide an engaging message and vision of how their years of military service will meet your company's needs. They will provide a visual of how fundamentally-sound business practices, effective leadership styles, and straight-forward solutions can enhance and strengthen your very own organization.

Speaking Engagements
Keynote Addresses
Guest Lectures
Workshops and Seminars
Leadership Stories and
Commencement Addresses
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