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Two Blue Aces Consulting

This Blog, Five Guys in General, provides samples of leadership concepts and experiences of five retired Air Force General Officers with over 150 years of combined experience. Our blog is designed to provide resources for leadership training that can be implemented in your daily business constructs. We know how to convey our leadership lessons in a relaxed and often humorous way that can lead to easy learning and unique takeaways for your particular business.

Collectively, we have the requisite experience, depth of knowledge and diverse background to carefully assist your planners in building effective teams ready for tomorrow’s challenges. We all believe that quality leadership begins and ends with our 5Cs: 1. Character, 2. Courage, 3. Commitment, 4. Competence and 5. Compassion. Let’s chat about your challenges and potential opportunities using these elements of leadership in your business structure. We encourage you to visit our website where you can learn more about each of our Senior Consultants and most importantly about our services.

Instructional Expertise:

1. Team building & work group effectiveness

2. Organizational Design & Structure

3. Organizational Culture & Risk Assessment

Training Specialties

1. Strategy and Business Development

2. Leadership & Character Development

3. Executive Coaching



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