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The power of three

I am a firm believer that many things in life happen in Threes. And therefore, I believe that three is a special number. Now, this doesn’t mean that every third lottery ticket you buy will be a winner. Or every third time you get pulled over by the police you get a warning and not a ticket, but I do believe that if you are committed to doing things in three, life isn’t so overwhelming.

Make a commitment to do three things for your family every day. Be it a phone call to check-in, make them their favorite meal, or maybe do one of their chores. Just think how your family would respond to you if you did 21 things per week to show them how much you value them.

Make a commitment to do three things for your house or apartment daily. I am sure you probably have a honey-do list, whether your honey creates it or if you make the list yourself. But if you do three things to improve your living conditions every day, just think of the palace you would live in.

If you commit to doing just three things a day for your company or organization, just think how productive your staff would be or how much better your business would operate and function. It may be to mentor an employee or take them for a cup of coffee to find out what has been a concern they have about the future of your business. Maybe it is taking a moment every day just to center yourself so you deal with the pressures of just being in charge.

What if you committed to doing three things per day to strengthen your faith? That could be reading your scriptures every day, making sure you pray three short prayers every day, or just taking three moments a day to just be quiet and appreciate the gifts you have and your surroundings. By the end of the year, that would be almost 1,100 deliberate things you would have done to strengthen your relationship with the almighty.

Three has always been my favorite number since I was a kid. I believe that if you commit to putting God first, others second, and yourself third, things will work out well for you. And so far, so good! But you have to have that commitment to follow through.

You can do it.



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