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I’ve been asked over the years to talk to people from all walks of life and all ages about the recipe for success.

I’d like to pass on my 6P’s for success. The first P is PLAN. In this highly competitive world, you must have a detailed roadmap for your journey through life. Many of you had to plan to get through school and get a job. But this is just the start of the plan. Periodically, you should update your short and long-term goals and devise a new, corresponding PLAN to achieve them. PLANNING never ends--the branches and sequels make it a continuous process that takes thought provoking time and effort.

My next P is for PASSION. Once you have a PLAN, you must put your whole being into it—mind, body and soul. It must be your focus each and every day. Everything you do, from the most mundane of tasks, should be done with excellence and attention to detail-- Passion never takes a day off.

To sustain this PASSION you must have, my third P—PERSISTENCE to see the plan through. You will need plenty of this “P” to get through a 35+ year career and many life challenges. Sure, there will be setbacks, deviations, detours, delays but your PERSISTENCE will keep you on track. Never give up!

The next P has given me the most difficulty during my journey and it must be handled carefully---this P is PERFECTION. Many of your efforts in life demand the highest standards of daily excellence and discipline. After 60 years of life-experience, I have come to the conclusion that you should always strive for PERFECTION tempered with the understanding that everything will not always go just as you planned. So, if you give it everything you have and fall a little short, relish in your accomplishment and write off your frustration to an imperfect world.

The next P is very important to your well-being—to be PHYSICALLY fit. Being fit includes the health and nourishment of your mind, body and spirit. Nothing has been more important for me to stay PERFECTLY on PLAN with PASSION and PERSISTENCE than by remaining PHYSICALLY fit. As, a part of your company’s team, an important member of your family and a citizen, I consider this to be on the top of my daily job requirements. You should carve out at least an hour a day to get the mind racing, the heart pumping and the soul searching. Never forget to keep your mind, body and soul PHYSICALLY fit.

Last but not least--have PHUN (as you can tell I never was a good speller). You have to make sure to always make time along the journey to enjoy life with your family and friends. Otherwise, the adventure will end up being a long, arduous grind that will leave you empty and unfulfilled.

That's it--my 6P’s to success PLAN-PASSION-PERSISTENCE-PERFECTION-PHYSICALLY fit-and PHUN with a PH!



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