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Inspiring Your Folks

Every good leader knows how to inspire the people they lead. Whether in the military, their church, or business or family. Leaders lead and inspire. You don’t have to be Billy Graham, Abraham Lincoln, or General Patton. You have to be you and find that inner inspiration within yourself.

The challenges we face today are real, substantial, and serious. They shouldn’t be minimized but they should be dealt with positivity and with a plan. One of our Aces, General “Jake” Polumbo has cited in his letter to the investors the Central Florida Development Council, Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein’s recent guidelines to his Airmen and their families.

General Goldfein defines requisite skills needed to operate as the “Ability to Survive and Operate,” or ATSO. If our business leaders and workers develop these same skills in their workplaces, we’ll be much more successful navigating this current environment.

The Air Force’s ATSO guidance in training manuals includes:

· Always bring what you need each day you venture out to be prepared for contingencies.

· Plan how you’ll maintain social distancing, especially when dealing with people outside your core family.

· Commit in advance that you won’t take unnecessary risks no matter the circumstances.

· Remind yourself that you’ll stop your activity without hesitation if something unplanned happens to put you or your co-workers at an unacceptable level of risk.

This last bullet point can sometimes be difficult to follow, but as a leader, you must inspire your folks to do their best to adhere to this.

These simple ATSO habit patterns can be used in your office or organization when you visit the grocery store or even when you choose to play a round of golf at the local course.

Now is the time to lead by example as best as you can. If you fall short from time to time, don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on the horse and start the ride again with even more determination. You can do it. Just keep working.



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