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Our weekly blog is designed to provide resources for leadership training that can be implemented in your daily business constructs. One of our previous blogs titled “Near Rocks, Far Rocks” is authored by retired Maj Gen Rob ‘Mumbles’ Polumbo, who happens to be my younger brother and a truly a gifted pilot and planner. His blog describes a proven time-management technique and clever procedure we both used during our flying days and now use in our professional routine. There is, in fact, a longer version of NR - FR - and that is “Near Rocks, Far Rocks, Lead, Check 6”. To briefly explain, the technique goes like this - while you’re flying low and fast in formation with other teammates, your rhythm for operations needs to first avoid the closest problems, then look out for the next set of challenges while always reviewing your Boss’ guidance. Finally, you need to regularly take note of your competitors who are always trying to disrupt your plan. If implemented properly, the NR - FR Strategy can assist you and your company with many aspects of balancing today’s operations with tomorrow’s challenges and ultimately developing a strategy that will differentiate you from your competitors.

My business partner Jim ‘Rev’ Jones is also one of the most respected F-16 pilots and leaders I’ve ever worked with. His brother, Tom ‘Honez’ Jones also fits into those same categories based on his successful leadership of large organizations with varying levels of complexity and scope. Their practical articles on developing leaders using sound feedback and training can be used in almost any organization - big or small. Together, the four brothers flew F-16s all over the globe amassing over 12,000 hours of single-engine, single-seat fighter time with only one ejection (by Rev... story to follow!) Collectively, we have the battle-hardened background to assist your company with leadership training, executive mentoring, goal development and strategy implementation – like the ‘NR – FR Strategy’ – that can really set your company apart and ensure the development of high-performance teams.

We also know how to convey our leadership lessons in a relaxed and often humorous way that can lead to easy learning and unique takeaways for your particular business. The Blog, Five Guys in General, rounds out our line-up with retired Maj Gen Richard ‘Beef’ Haddad, an Air Force Academy graduate and triple Distinguished Flying Cross recipient who flew the AC-130 Gunship and MC-130 Talon in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 30 years. Beef’s two recent blog entries tell the story of how he helped his Iraqi partners rebuild their decimated Air Force into a viable team, and those lessons could be useful to your planners in their own efforts to form a new team or simply revamp a stale operation. We also include guest blogger Dean Bushey who served as an aircraft commander in the C-5 Galaxy for many years on active duty and is now a Professor of Computer Science at a startup STEM university specializing in Autonomous Vehicle technology for the business world.

Collectively, we have the requisite experience, depth of knowledge and diverse background to carefully assist your planners in building effective teams ready for tomorrow’s challenges. We all believe that quality leadership begins and ends with our 5Cs: 1. Character, 2. Courage, 3. Commitment, 4. Competence and 5. Compassion. Let’s chat about your challenges and potential opportunities using these elements of leadership in your business structure. We encourage you to visit our website where you can learn more about each of our Senior Consultants and most importantly about our services.

Instructional Expertise:

1. Team building & work group effectiveness

2. Organizational Design & Structure

3. Organizational Culture & Risk Assessment

Training Specialties

1. Strategy and Business Development

2. Leadership & Character Development

3. Executive Coaching


Jake Polumbo is a retired Major General who taught at the U.S. Air Force’s premier Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. He later commanded at the squadron, group, wing and task force levels, before finishing his career as the 9th Air Force Commander in 2015. Jake is the Founding Partner and a Senior Consultant inTwo Blue Aces Consulting.



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