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Be flexible in times of uncertainty

How often have you been in the presence of a person who thinks there is only one way to get things done. That it is “their way or the highway”. This can be a dangerous mindset in today’s times of uncertainty. This doesn’t mean they have to abandon their principles or the methods of leadership that made them successful. But with the uncertainty that COVID has wreaked on the world and how we do business, being flexible is a must.

An effective leader must be keenly aware of their organization’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. They must be aware of market opportunities and the community around them. For the most part, the way we have done business in the past, might not work the same way. Days can be filled with Zoom and conference calls, distance learning, social distance meetings and a lack of face to face interaction. It is much more difficult to observe body language or determine just how attentive the folks on your video conference really are.

One way a leader can make sure their interactions with their subordinates are effective is to be prepared for the meeting and to make sure the other participants can also be prepared. Sending “read ahead” information is usually important for meeting preparations. Setting goals and outcomes for the meetings are important as well.

Some of us, and I’m definitely speaking of myself, have difficulties concentrating during video conferences and conference call meetings. I am easily distracted and I am sure I am not alone. The more structured the meeting, and the organizer’s close adherence to the agenda, often makes me a more productive participant.

If you haven’t figured out that in today’s turbulent times, a true leader must up their game. She must be flexible in her approach to running their organization. The leader must strive to be more creative to host an effective meeting. If you adopt this approach, you will position yourself and the people you lead on a path to success. No one knows when our if life will get back to what it was before Covid-19, so a good leader must be ready to overcome both seen and unseen obstacles to be successful.



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