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be in a good mood

The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood. Voltaire

In a previous blog titled “How Others React To You As A Leader,” I wrote about leading during a crisis and falling back on your character. This also applies to your attitude on how you show up at work each day, or act around your family every day.

Do you show up and lead with a good attitude, a positive outlook on the tasks at hand? Or do you show up with a scowl on your face, a wrinkle on your forehead, and maybe a short fuse in your temperament? Are the people around you happy to see you or do they sort of look away and think, let’s not make eye contact with the big dog because it will not be a good encounter?

A good leader prepares for the tasks of the day, puts on their “game face” even when they are not fully engaged, and goes about running their organization, company or family with a positive outlook and an even-keeled approach. I know I have sometimes gone to the office in less than a stellar mood, with burdens on my mind. Preoccupied with a thousand other details in my life that day. But it is my responsibility to recognize my frame of mind, make the appropriate adjustments and corrections, and give the team my “A” game.

We don’t always have that trusted individual to pull us aside, help us regroup, and move forward. So often, we must evaluate ourselves, our demeanor and our situation. It is not easy some days but your team expects it of you.

A strategy to employ may be to create a good habit when you wake up or at least before you head out of the house. You might just decide to take a moment to self- reflect on your blessings and gifts, read a short, inspiring message, think about and prioritize your tasks and goals for the day and then center yourself for the inevitable challenges you’ll have to deal with. A good habit takes two to three weeks or even a month to form, but you must work at it. Be deliberate and specific.

You won’t always have the opportunity to just go home and try again tomorrow. Some days you just have to decide to be in a good mood for your sake and for those around you!



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