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Our Consultants are based in:

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Polk County Area, Florida

Miami, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Shreveport Area, Louisiana


How Can We Help You?

Two Blue Aces consulting provides executive-level services focused on strategy reviews, business plan development, leadership and mentoring, plus finding solutions to improve clients’ performance.  Two Blue Aces offers  services to increase employees’ productivity as well as senior management's ability to handle change in the work environment.  The TBA team is available to support businesses, committees, boards of directors, or assemblies with consulting services, DoD engagement, speaking engagements, networking relationships, and mentor programs.



Two Blue Aces has a variety of specialties that can assist your company or organization.  These specialties are not specific to any one industry, they are simply formulated to work within your strategy, corporate goals and long-term objectives.

Department of Defense

Two Blue Aces has years of experience working in and with the Department of Defense.  We have a proven track record of assisting clients with the potential of doing business with the DoD.

Speaking Engagements

The consultants of Two Blue Aces have delivered countless motivational speeches around the globe using unique approaches to stimulate and energize a wide variety of audiences. 


The vast network of connections built up over lengthy careers both in the military service and after crossing over into civilian careers may provide the bridge your company needs to grow.


Getting your junior and mid-level managers prepared for the next step in their careers is a delicate task.  If done properly it will benefit both the protege as well as the organization.

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